About Us


All of our instructors are NRA / State or Military certified with well over 80 years of combined firearms training experience. Individual qualifications include a variety of disciplines from Law Enforcement, Military, Contractor / Operator, Security, Rifle, Carbine, Pistol, Shotgun, Personal Protection, Home Firearm Safety, Close Quarter Combat, Urban Survival etc. Most have first hand experience in the field whether it be military, contract, police or security / protection detail roles. Our instructors are CERTIFIED firearms and tactics educators.


Something we hear all too often is “my buddy was in the military / served in a combat zone/ was a cop for 15 years / has hunted all his life, he knows what to do” etc…… Being a good operator, soldier, hunter, sports shooter or policeman does not mean that you are, by default, a firearms instructor. Being able to shoot and being able to teach shooting systems and techniques are not the same thing.


Because someone has military or police training / background does not make them an expert in firearms, tactics and especially teaching pistol skills.  Their skill sets depend on WHAT the individual did whilst in the Military or Police and whether or not they were trained on how to TEACH those skill sets to others. If he was a firearms instructor whose job it was to TEACH the use of firearms…..that means he knows the relevent weapons (of that time) and was certified to TEACH others. That is a good start, at least.

 In short: “Working for, or driving a Chevy does not make you Dale Earnhardt!”

Professional instructors are, by definition, qualified people that earn a living wage competently TEACHING the use of firearms and tactics to others.

If in doubt, get referrals from past students. 

Training Philosophy:


First and foremost, firearms ownership comes with the responsibility to society, yourself, and all those around you that you be proficient in their use and knowledgeable in the law that governs their use. We want you to be as proficient with your chosen firearms as possible.


History shows that everything that can go wrong will go wrong - and probably when you least expect it, at the worst possible time.

Also remember, no one and I mean NO ONE knows it all; there will always be faster, better techniques to learn.


 Accepting these basic principles will lead you to the conclusion that it pays to listen, learn and plan ahead. Simply put…. “Train for the worst, hope for the best”.


 We teach you techniques that allow you to “train as you fight and therefore fight as you train”. All of our courses are designed to physically and mentally challenge the student as well as promote a sense of security and self confidence in ones ability to react to life and death situations.


 In short, we teach real world, down and dirty defensive firearms fighting techniques.

Remember, all of your training should be:

To YOUR lifestyle.

Recent: The fact that you could out run, outfight and outshoot your friends 10 years ago…doesn’t cut it.

Realistic: Static paper punching at your local shooting club matches…doesn’t cut it...Real fights don’t have rules or safety officers.  

What’s Our System?  


This is something we are often asked. Our system is simple……we teach you how to fight with a gun. There is no generic "Best Way" or “Best System”. Anyone that preaches that is selling you BS for sure! Worst of all, those closed-minded teachings could result in loss of life…...possibly yours.  All competent instructors should be continuously looking to “adapt, improve, learn and pass on” any new, different or alternative techniques that may benefit their students.


The shooter's ability to shoot fast and accurately, while being able move under duress and in high stress situations, is key to winning gunfights. To do this and do it well, you must have a firm grasp of the basic shooting principles and a willingness to get the job done, without excuses. There is no ‘do over’ in a gun fight, no ‘time out’ and no ‘2nd place winner’. In this regard, you will often hear our instructors say “no alibis!......no alibis!”…..in other words …”no excuses, just get it done”.


To win a gun fight you have to hit the target, to hit under fire takes training. Of course sight alignment and trigger control are always fundamental to getting your hits. You must be able to control recoil. You must be able to fight in all directions and move effectively. Your grip, stance presentation, and sight picture must all be repeated to the point that they become “natural” or instinctive to you. Also knowing how NOT to get yourself shot is just as important as knowing how to shoot….We teach you that too.


We don’t just believe in teaching; we also believe in learning. In fact it is a requirement of our company that EVERY instructor attends at least one new class from another facility / academy / school / etc every year.