Shotgun Courses at Okeechobee Shooting Sports

 Intro to Shotgun: Four Hours
This is an introduction class that covers all aspects in the selection and operation of tactical type shotguns. How many times have you heard “all you need for the house is a shotgun” ….. well maybe and maybe not!. A shotgun can do more harm than good if the shooter is not properly trained. We will reveal both positive and negative points of using shotguns for practical real applications. Class covers: Firearms safety, ammunition, gun handling, stance grip etc, maintenance, firearm selection, effective range for fighting shotguns, loading / reloading techniques.
Ammunition Required: 75 rounds of birdshot, 10 rounds of buckshot and 5 rounds of shotgun slugs minimum.
Prerequisites: N/A
2018 Course Dates:
Available as a Private Class booked around your schedule. Pricing starts at $400 for up to 2 students.

 Advanced Defensive Shotgun 

This course reviews both the positive and negative points of using shotguns for practical real applications. Course includes firearms safety, ammunition selection, effective ranges, loading / reloading techniques, using cover, standing, kneeling and prone positions, and shooting on the move. 

Course Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Cost: $200
Length: 7 Hours
Ammunition Required: 150 rounds of birdshot, 25 rounds of buckshot and 25 rounds of shotgun slugs

Prerequisites: Students must be familiar with his/her shotgun of choice.
Additional Equipment: Sling and shell carriers. Baseball cap and sun screen (sun protection), food and drinks, elbow and knee pads, along with clothing that will allow for work on the ground (no open top shoes or v neck tops).
Maximum Student to Instructor Ratio: 5:1
Maximum Number of Students: 15
2018 Course Dates:
Saturday, October 13
Booking and Cancellation Policy: Full payment will be due to the instructor at the start of class, cash or credit. A credit card is required to guarantee your reservation. This card will not be charged unless you no show or cancel with less than 3 days notice. The late cancel fee for this class is $100.