Okeechobee Shooting Sports Training Dates
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Discounted Overnight Accommodations are Available at the Hampton Inn Okeechobee.

Private Instruction is also available by appointment only on Monday through Friday. Contact Us to schedule your next private training session. Cost starting at $100/hour or $500/day. Let us work with you to meet your specific needs and interests including Tactical Handgun, Rifle, and/or Shotgun, Team Tactics, and Long Range Precision Rifle out to 500 yards.

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Good training is key to winning all fights, including gun fights. We understand that time, money and location / travel are key to what classes you take. Get as much training as you can, from as many instructional facilities as you can. Walk into each class with an open mind. However, be wary if the instructor or facility is more focused on telling you how great they are than teaching you how to improve your skills. You are paying for your time with the instructor……be careful of the instructors that just want to spend most of YOUR time and money telling you about his or her war stories...Buy a book, its cheaper!