Firearms Training at Okeechobee Shooting Sports

Okeechobee Shooting Sports is proud to partner with Florida Firearms Training to conduct Introductory classes monthly and the State of Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Course the First Sunday of every month.

This is in addition to the Advanced Class offerings that Florida Firearms Training has been holding at our facility for the last six years.

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All courses do require preregistration, so if you would like to attend please click here to book now.

Courses Offered: 
Click on the course title for description and pricing. 

Concealed Weapon or Firearm License
Introduction to Handgun
Advanced Concealed Carry
Ladies Only Advanced Concealed Carry
Advanced Defensive Handgun 1 Advanced Defensive Handgun 2 Advanced Defensive Handgun 3
Advanced Defensive Handgun 4
Pistol Immersion 1
Pistol Immersion 2 
Team Tactics

 Carbine / Rifle:
Introduction to Carbine / Rifle
AR15 / M4 Platform Principles
Advanced Defensive Carbine 
AK Only Advanced Defensive Carbine
Carbine Immersion
Long Range Rifle Immersion Level 1
Long Range Rifle Immersion Level 2
Long Range Rifle Immersion Level 3

Introduction to Shotgun
Advanced Defensive Shotgun 

 Specialty Classes:
Night Fight Training
Point Shooting Clinic
Home Defense Room Clearing
Hog Hunt School
Bullets and Cars

Gun Shot Wound Care:
Tactical Medicine for EDC

Practical Self-Defense
Practical Self-Defense with Knives

Practice Days:
Tactical Drills Day  
Force on Force Scenario Training
Long Range Rifle Skills Development

Custom Training:
Private Instruction
Group / Team Tactics

We have some exciting Training Special Events over the next few months!
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Train How You Fight, Fight How You Train

To those who take owning or carrying a gun seriously, there is no substitute for professional training. Our courses cover a variety of topics from basic firearm safety, handling, defensive shooting and tactics to advanced tactical weapons training. Our instructors are dedicated to developing cutting edge defensive firearm skills and passing those skills on to our students. Our belief is that every man is personally responsible for his own destiny; and trained with the ability to defend himself, can make a difference in the lives of others.

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How We Train

Simply put, “train the way you will fight!” Fighting with a gun is not the same as static paper punching at your local shooting range.  We teach techniques and drills that includes both live fire and defensive tactics. Whether it is fighting with a gun, knife, stick, keys or ballpoint pen, our courses will train you to use the weapon of opportunity to survive close-quarter, life or death altercations. Take the skills you learn and train regularly, practice often, be open to learn at every opportunity. The skills you learn ARE perishable. Remember…..history and statistics prove that as you practice, so shall you perform!

Tactical and Advanced Defensive courses are effectively teaching a person to use firearms or other weapons to defend yourself and possibly others, so this should not be compared with any of the shooting sports. Tactical shooting and sport shooting are NOT the same. Sport shooting is a great training aid for speed sighting and trigger control; it is not a substitute for real training. Our tactical courses cover safe gun handling, loading / reloading, malfunctions, drawing, tactics, and movement in the controlled use of deadly force.

“Honor is an admirable trait, but not in a fight!” -  Will Farrugia, Lead Instructor

Florida Firearms Training is an academy of professional instructors led by Will Farrugia who train throughout the State of Florida. We offer private instruction as well as a full Course Schedule .