Ultimate Bug Out Course 
at Okeechobee Shooting Sports
November 4-5, 2017

This course will be two days of the most realistic training available in the USA. Having direct first-hand knowledge of how to use whatever skill, tool or gear you are counting on to save your life is not only wise, it is critical. Theory, book / video training is all well and good, but how will you and your equipment really perform?  How do you know? How do you find out?  This course will teach and test you, allow you to really assess your equipment, your preconceptions and your limitations all under the supervision of Instructors / subject matter experts from US Marine Corps, US Army and UK Military. This course is not a traditional “survival” course, no learning to start fires with sticks or make fishing hooks from bones, this is a SHTF fighting, moving and surviving using all the tools you have on your back course. 

Florida Firearms Training recognizes the advantage of teaching using an experience-based form, as opposed to just sitting in a classroom and listening to a lecture. Students become part of the exercise and are made to LIVE the scenarios, make decisions and practically apply skills. 

In Short!
This course will provide a foundation for those with an interest in learning necessary skills to survive a real world “Bug Out” situation. The course is comprised of scenario-based training, practical application and classroom time to immerse the student in a simulated environment. Students will live/work/train with other students on a private 80 acre training facility for two days and one night. The curriculum covers unit defense, decision-making & problem solving, land navigation, living outside, camp set up, how to set up a safe location to spend the night or a few nights and defend it, introduction to tactical medicine, tactical movement, moving through your environment in a tactical and safe manner close quarters battle (CQB), patrolling, vehicle convoys or single vehicle movement, how to set up your vehicle to get out of dodge, on foot movement, patrolling, and single and group tactics.

Cost for this Two Day Class is $400. 
Space is limited to 10 students, so Book Now
7 Day Cancellation Policy
$200 Late Cancellation Fee


All students must be 18 years or older; possess a concealed weapons license or provide a copy of recent criminal background check; and be willing and physically able to carry their own gear.


Bring whatever you think you would Bug Out with. You will need to pack whatever you think you will need to survive in the elements for two days, but remember to only bring what you can CARRY on you! 
Minimum recommended items:
Back Pack - big enough for gear list. 3 day pack will work
Sleeping system - such as sleeping bag, tarp & blanket, etc.
Shelter - such as tent, lean to, tarp 
Hygiene Kit - Tooth brush, paste, deodorant, hand sanitizer
Water Container - such as canteens, nalgeen bottles, camel back (Drinking water to fill your container will be available on-site.)
Food - enough for two days, dehydrated, canned, MRE’s etc. 
First Aid Kit and/or IPOK with bandaids
Toilet Paper
Plastic Bags, small zip-lock and large trash 
550 Paracord, 25 feet
Clothing and footwear suitable for two days of outdoor training
Change of clothes - socks, underwear, etc.
Flashlights - 2 minimum handheld plus headlamp
Rain gear 
Hat with brim 
Bug spray or Thermacell
Spare batteries for lights and optics
Fire - matches, lighters, magnesium fire starter
Note taking gear (pen & paper)
Lastly, Bring whatever firearm(s) you plan to use in a Bug Out Situation. Rifles/Shotguns must have a sling (preferably 2 point to 2:1 convertible). Handguns must have a holster. Don't forget to bring your spare magazines (however many you think you'll need) and a carrying system for them.
There is no live-fire training in this class. No ammunition is allowed in this class. All students and equipment will be checked at sign-in.