Advanced Defensive Carbine - June 2016
I certainly enjoyed both courses and i am looking forward to continuing my training with Florida Firearms Training as my work schedule and money allow me to do so. Good instructors for both courses as well. 
                                                    John, Kissimmee

Advanced Defensive Carbine - June 2016
Excellent course. Malfunction drill were excellent and very useful... I will take the Immersion and also the Tactical Drills once they restart.
Robert, Rockledge

Advanced Defensive Carbine - June 2016
Thank you so much for an awesome day! Jason, our instructor, did an outstanding job incorporating safety and performance. I feel so much more capable today because of it and I look forward to working with you all again.
Thank you so much,
Karen, Ft Myers

Rifle Intro - June 2016
Will is an excellent instructor and I definitely hope to take a class with him again! My Dad and I had an absolute blast!
Jonathan, Ft Lauderdale

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Advanced Defensive Shotgun - May 2016
Hi Megan, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the training with Jason last week. I found the course not only helpful in proper use of the shotgun, but it also helped me decide what type of shotgun I wanted. I've moved to a Remington 870 Police Magnum and love it. The training was extremely helpful regarding moving forward and backward, turning and pivoting... Jason is an awesome trainer who never stops directing and criticizing (positively) throughout.
Joe, Vero Beach

Shotgun Intro - April 2016
I wanted to let you guys know that I really enjoyed the training I received last week (shotgun intro) by Will and Eddy. It was very helpful and constructive.You guys know the stuff.
Thank you. 
Michael, West Palm Beach

Pistol Immersion 2 - April 2016
Florida Firearms Training once again provided a comprehensive rigorous practical curriculum with just enough intensity to drive the point home. The format is great. Quick explanation of the drill followed by the theory behind why it is important followed by live fire practice. The instructors are friendly but will push you to perform under stress and are quick to provide constructive feedback. Safety also takes a front seat at FFT. Instructors make sure students adhere to safety protocol at all times. Had a lot fun and will be back for more. Keep up the good work.
Anonymous Reviewer

Introduction to Handgun - April 2016
Last Tuesday I took my intro to firearm and cwp course with Jason DuBose. I wanted to leave some positive feedback about the class.
Jason was a great instructor, we went over the laws and regulations of the concealed weapons permit. We also received some informative booklets. Jason also provided really good illustrative examples of scenarios and then asked questions to test our knowledge on how to handle them. The class was educational and enjoyable.
My favorite part was the intro to handguns, I was lucky enough to be the only one in that portion of the class. He took his time with me and answered all my questions. I learned a lot about guns and rounds. The best part was testing different handguns and teaching me proper form. I feel much more confident now and am looking forward to coming back to the range and possibly future classes...I recommend Frog Bones and Jason as an instructor if anyone asks.
Thank you,
Tara, Melbourne

Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License Course - April 2016
With Steve as my trainer. I learned a lot, he was very nice and very informative. answered all my questions and made the class a great experience. Definitely interested in more classes. I appreciate him and his training greatly and would most definitely recommend to a friend.
Aaron, Melbourne

Private Instruction - April 2016
My lesson this morning was exceptionally productive and educational, as always. I expressed to Will how blessed I am to find Florida Firearms Training and learn from the best. I believe passionately that education is the prerequisite to everything... weapons probably most of all. I thank you and Will for giving me the opportunity to be educated and learn shooting skills properly.
Karen, Coral Springs

Advanced Defensive Carbine - April 2015
Just wanted to say that i had a great time and learned a lot in the defensive carbine class on sunday.  Jason and Steve did a great job with instruction as well as being personable and answering questions and giving all of the students some individual attention.  the small class size was great.  The only critique that i can think of (which i wouldn't say anything except that Jason specifically asked for critique) would be that we didn't get to shoot from cover, which it does say is part of the course on the website.  but i know that it is a new class and the timing and structure of the class will tighten up as they continue to teach it.  i am signed up for tactical drills day and looking forward to working on what was taught. 
Ralph, Pembroke Pines

AR Platform Principles - March 2015
I really enjoy Jason's patience and detail in all his instructions. His experience and will to share it is invaluable, going the extra mile in explaining from the most basic, to advise beyond what was offered in the course.The location is great and the ability to go directly to the range is a big advantage.
I'll plan to take the next course on Advance Defense Carbine in April so I'll contact you in the next month or so.
Jose R, Deerfield Beach

Introduction to Handgun - March 2015
First I wanted to take the time to thank you for making a spot for me in Saturdays Class... Anyway, the class did not disappoint. The instructor, Jason DuBose was not only a professional but you could tell he truly enjoys being an instructor. Most of us in the class were noobs and had little to no experience.  I can honestly say that after today's class I feel confident in the basics of handling a handgun.  I fully intend on taking the next level class with Florida Firearms Training and will definitely recommend you to all my friends and associates who are interested in furthering their knowledge.
Thank you again and warm regards,
Scott P, Ft Lauderdale

Advanced Defensive Handgun Level One - March 2015
I found this course of instruction to be both enjoyable and informative. I was impressed with how knowledgeable the instructors were and how well they were able to explain why procedures were done in a certain way. I feel that I learned a great deal and that the training was worth the price.
Billy B, Port St. Lucie

Private Rifle Instruction - March 2015
Jason was a very knowledgeable instructor. He really knows his stuff and knows how to relate to his students. We'll be back for more lessons from him.
Steve W, Hollywood

Advanced Concealed Carry Course - March 2015
I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed and benefited a great deal from the Advanced Pistol Carry course this past Tuesday night. Jason was a terrific teacher. He was very well informed and very credible with his military and security background. He taught to the point, with a good sense of humor and taught to the level of our group, but gave personalized answers when asked. I was pleased that the course was not just about shooting technique but also addressed in detail the fighting mindset including situational awareness. He dispelled a number of misconceptions that I had and gave good practical information... 
I would definitely take another course from Florida Firearms Training. In the meantime I’ve bought a “blue gun” resembling my actual carry gun and will take Jason’s advice and practice my draw while moving off the X as well as my grip and trigger squeeze. 
Rick V, Pompano Beach

Introduction to Handgun March 2015
I just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed and learned so much in class yesterday.  He was a fantastic teacher; patient and knowledgeable- he made the class fly by and hit on all the important issues that everyone wanted to know and learn.  It was a very varied class and he was able to help everyone individually achieve the goals they came in there to learn.  Thank you all so much!
Susan T, Palm Beach 

Force on Force Scenario Training - March 2015
Another great course, indeed I felt today was the best. Trying to integrate different elements, all under a certain amount of stress and uncertainty, was great training.
Elliot, Palm Beach Gardens
Tactical Drills Day - February 2015
The Tactical Drills were great and I loved them!!! I can't wait to take another class with you!!! I just wanted to thank you for all of your encouragement and help with my unique situation with reloading, and everything else. I do appreciate it very much... My next course will be  Tactical Carbine / Pistol Course. I already sent Megan an email...
Todd, Palm Springs

Introduction to Handgun - February 2015
Mike was an excellent instructor. He treated the serious topics appropriately, but made the class informative, friendly, and fun. His training on the range was both practical and helpful.
Anonymous, Palm Beach

Team Tactics - February 2015
My wife Melissa and I had a great experience at the Team Tactics Day. Jason and Will were great to work with and worked really hard to help my wife and her confidence level. We had an awesome time, the instruction was very helpful and the drills were fun and a great tool to reinforce what was being taught. We both learned a great deal.
Chris, Fort Pierce

Tactical Drills Day - February 2015
Megan, Will and your instructors - Thanks for a well run 'show'. We had fun; learned what we don't know; got to watch some other people who have done this a bit and learned some things from them too. Thanks again,
Jamie & Christine, Port St Lucie

Private Advanced Handgun Instruction - December 2014
Will - Just wanted to say thank you for the class last week.  We all had a great time and will be back for more. The guys all commented on what a good teacher you are. My brother and I employ about 60 instructors and have both been in the education business for the past 24 years, so we know a thing or two about teaching. You do a great job!! Thx.
John, Tamarac

Tactical Drills Day - November 2014
Just recovering from today’s Tactical Drills day. I am tired and pretty beat up,..… good job! Had a great time, got to shoot all three guns so very pleased about that. The best part was I got some great critique from each of the instructors and yourself which will be filed away in memory. Many thanks to you all for patiently walking us through the courses of fire. See you on 12/13. Regards, 
Ray H, Tequesta

Advanced Defensive Handgun Level One - November 2014
Great class – excellent teachers that were competent - their focus on safety I felt was very important – I felt safe. Safer than I do at indoor ranges.
James H, West Palm Beach

Advanced Defensive Handgun Level One - November 2014
Really enjoyed the course, all of the instructors were great; very knowledgeable and helpful.  I especially enjoyed the straight forward approach of the drills and the rationale behind them.  Jason stands out as he has a solid teaching presence, the right balance of humor and seriousness...Thanks for your assistance, you guys have earned a loyal client.
Ezra, Coral Springs

Advanced Defensive Handgun Level One - November 2014 
I just completed the Defensive Handgun 1 class in Okeechobee yesterday. I just wanted to let you and the staff at FFT know that I thoroughly enjoyed the class. The class in my opinion helped me to realize areas where I need to practice and also helped me to hone my skills in areas where I am pretty solid. The instructors were great and they made sure everyone was comfortable with something before we moved on to another area. All in all I think the class was right where it should be for a basic defensive handgun course, and I look forward to taking another class very soon.
Marc W, Okeechobee

Introduction to Handgun - November 2014
I just wanted to drop a quick note of appreciation.
Mike did a great job teaching the class last night – not only was it informative but he made it very practical (mixed with some humor).
Thanks and happy holidays. 
Ari, Boca Raton

Tactical Carbine / Pistol - October 2014
Just wanted to drop you a note to let you guys know that I enjoyed the course. Jason was an awesome instructor. He make a point of filling the time between exercises with useful conversations about equipment and other information. He took the time to made sure that everyone had the drills down, and asked several times if there were any things that we wanted to work on. He maintained excellent range safety at all times. I would take a course again, and would be glad to have Jason as an instructor. Thanks.
James, Tequesta

Introduction to Shotgun - October 2014
Will - thanks again for the great training last night. I enjoyed and learned a lot. After I buy my shotgun, I will contact you and perhaps will set up a short private training session to go over the specifics of that gun.
Again, thanks very much. The training was great.
Robert G, Boca Raton

All-Inclusive Fun Shooting Package - October 2014
I booked a shooting package for my husband and I.
I just wanted to let you know how grateful we both are. It was a fabulous experience we both really enjoyed it using different types of firearms. Neither of us has shot a gun before and our instructor was so professional from the start. He talked us through the safety aspects and made the experience fun.
We would highly recommend this to all our friends and hopefully when we come back to florida in 18mths time we would love to this again.
Many thanks,
Paul & Linda H, Manchester United Kingdom

Zombie Night Shoot - October 2014
Thank you for such a great night! 2nd time attending this and already cannot wait until the next one. Just wanted to take a second and let you and Will know it was excellent. Thanks again!Duane M, Tampa

Private Handgun Instruction - October 2014
Thanks so much Megan - spending an hour with Will always leave me feeling a little better about my shooting. I have some homework to do - will touch base with you toward the end of next week to schedule another lesson. 
Glenn B., Parkland

Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License Course - November 2013
I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the CCW class yesterday. He was extremely knowledgeable along with being very attentive to our safety. I look forward to taking more advanced classes in the future, because I felt so at ease and not intimidated by the content or the weapons.

Advanced Concealed Carry - October 2013
I had a great time in Will’s class. Nice bloke. Conveyed his information in a professional manner but made the class fun also. I am going to take the Advanced Defensive Handgun I next month. Meanwhile I will be practicing all the skills that Will passed on and hopefully will be up to snuff for this next class.
Ray, Tequesta

Tactical Drills Day - September 2013
I just wanted to thank you and your instructors for the tactical drills day.  I had a great time and will be getting back into training as much as possible. I will be signing up for your courses in the future and bringing friends with me.
John, Lakeland FL

Advanced Defensive Handgun 1 - September 2013
Just wanted to express my thanks to Will, Megan and Jason. Your one day instruction in Advance Hand Gun 1 was once again top notch. And the very best one could want . I learned a tremendous amount and fine tuned several other things. I felt there was a watchful eye on me ever second correcting even the slightest of mistakes. Thank you for the great instruction I will focus the next few weeks on the techniques you have given me, and will be awaiting Advance hand Gun 2 .
Bob, Jupiter

Tactical Carbine / Pistol - August 2013
Comprehensive course including advancing and retreating while firing carbine, transitioning safely and effectively from carbine to handgun and back. Various sling systems covered along with field experience with various optical and iron sights. As high a quality that was found in the instructor, so to was the quality of the students in the course.

Fred, Pompano Beach FL

Introduction to Handgun - July 2012
Shirlee and I Just finished your Handgun Intro Class. Up to today Shirlee has never even handled a weapon before. Your instructor did a outstanding Job answering our questions and making Shirlee feel comfortable with the weapon. Its was an excellent review for me and he offered great techniques on breathing control, dominant eye, and stance. It was a great class for both of us. Thank you and we will see you soon, enrolled in the advance classes.
Robert & Shirley, Jupiter, FL

Advanced Defensive Handgun 1 - Okeechobee March 2012
I very much enjoyed the class with Will, and learned a lot -- especially about how shooting with some adrenaline running differs from aimed target practice.  I also learned a lot about my Glock and what works and doesn't work so well under these "combat-like" circumstances.  You get a good test of the weapon shooting 300 rounds while moving and shooting.  It was a lot of fun, and I am still thinking about it several days later!
Ted, Coral Springs, FL

Tactical Shotgun/Pistol Class - Okeechobee Nov 2011
I had trained with Will before in a pistol class, and was determined to come back and keep working on my defensive skill set. After a review of the course description, I decided to try this tac shotgun class. I had zero previous shotgun or carbine training, and shotgun experience was limited to some trap/skeet work. I was amazed at how much I did not know about the effective deployment of this interesting weapon. Will clearly demonstrated to us the strengths and limitations of a shotgun for defensive purposes. We had ample opportunity to transition from and to the pistol, which was great fun and very practical training. This was an eye opener for me, presented in the professional and realistic style that Will and Florida Firearms Training are well known for. The end result was a fun class, a shotgun that is now an integrated component of my home defense game plan, and a strong desire to attend my next class as soon as possible.
Sig H., 
Delray Beach, Fl  

Private Handgun Training - Okeechobee Sept 2011
Will- I just wanted to say again thank you for today's experience. It was eye opening. We all enjoyed it very much, talked about it on the way home and how to incorporate your techniques as well. Your teaching style is excellent, professional, and understanding at the same time. Which nowadays is very far and few between. We will be scheduling another just have got to save some cash flow up. 
Sincerely, Dave and Debbie

Advanced Concealed Carry August 2011
Will - Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for sharing your knowledge. The course in whole was awesome. The facility was great and the people at the range were very nice. I look forward to continuing my education with some of the other classes that your organization offers.
I came away with several techniques that I am sure, with practice, will hone my ability with a firearm. Maybe even save my life, or that of someone else.
Everyone who carries a concealed gun should take a class with you.
Mitchell, Pompano Beach

Advanced Concealed Carry July 2011
I just wanted to say what a great class that was. I had been putting off taking the class for some time, because honestly, I was really nervous.  I obtained my concealed permit almost two years ago, but I never felt comfortable carrying the gun. I had been to the range doing target practice but let me tell you, that doesn't even come close to what you learn in this class.  This class gives you just a taste of what it is like to pull a gun in a real life situation.  I honestly think this should be a mandatory class for anyone who obtains a concealed weapons permit!  I highly recommend this class to everyone!!!  It's a real eye-opener! Will is a great trainer and I felt very comfortable and safe doing this training...  I can't stress enough for people to take this class.  I will definitely be coming for more classes.
Regina, Palm Beach County, FL

Tac Carbine / Pistol May 2011
Simon- Thank you very much for an awesome course. I could not of been happier with how it turned out, short of my Sig issues. I think you did a great job of instructing us, while letting the class develop their own methods based on them and their experiences.

Aaron, Hillsborough County, FL

Force On Force Class April 2011
There are many great points that came from this class, too long to write about. I had a great time. Everyone in the class was great company, enthusiastic and it was a pleasure, for me, to meet everyone.

I can not even begin to thank Simon, Will and Terry for all the instruction. These men are some of the best instructors that I have ever had the privilege of meeting…and I have met a lot in my years. They have walked the walk and can give a powerful class. If they offer this class again, I would definitely suggest that you attend it, especially if you are serious about carrying a handgun for personal defense.

Exbluelight, Fort Pierce, FL
Firearms Class Reviews

Force On Force Class April 2011

Thanks again, Will….You guys were so awesome in explaining everything! I learned a lot and know I still have a lot more to learn. Some things I jotted down during class:
1.Training is NOT a game.
2. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Don't forget to watch your 6:00!
3. Keep moving! Don't stop!
4. You will make split second decisions, right or wrong.
5. Impressive actions by other students help you learn too!!
I hope to see you all again soon for more training! I also hope to see my new friends, the students that took this class. A great bunch of people!! Thank you all!!! If you have not taken this class before, consider taking it!! I am so impressed and so happy I took the plunge!

Annie, Treasure Coast, FL 

Tac Carbine / Pistol Feb 2011
Awesome, Awesome,  Awesome, I have been through some training courses in my past law enforcement life and this training, by far, beat out anything that I have done. As I mentioned to you at the range, I think that all law enforcement need to work this sort of training into their departments budgets, especially with all of the police shootings happening more frequently now. You are an awesome instructor and I learned a lot, I hated to leave. 
Stan, Sarasota, FL

Advanced Defensive Handgun 1 Jan 2011
    The oldest of my boys and I took Will’s class in January 2011.  We are both relatively new to firearms and been exposed to them for a couple of years now.  In those couple of years we have received some training in a range setting, both of us are relatively decent shots under those conditions. 
    You really don’t realize how much is missing from your training until you attend Will’s class.  One thing is to shoot under static conditions, quite another when you have to incorporate distractions from your surroundings, moving (safely so you don’t trip over an obstacle and without taking your eyes away from your opponent) and engaging your attacker.  I even managed to jam the unjamable G19 while attempting to shoot from retention, a second time during a tactical mag change.  Mind you, Will was talking, I had buzzer going off near my ear and was using a holster I was unfamiliar with; however, how many other distractions and obstacles do you believe you would encounter in a fight for your life or that of a loved one while knowing you may need to injure another human being to survive?
Misty, Miami, FL

Intro to Carbine Sept 2010
Once again Will you've done an outstanding job. I came into this class with no idea of what a carbine was (I think that was one of my dumb questions) nor any interest in owning one. After 2 hours I knew the essential parts of the weapon from front to back and why they function they way they do. Still could give a rat's butt about
owning and shooting one though - until you taught a couple of stances in the classroom and took us to the range. I had no idea shooting a longer gun would be so much fun. I really feel that the depth of teaching and training you provided prior to the range made my time on the range that much more relaxed and enjoyable.
I hate to say this but if you run across a really good deal on a 9mm AK or AR please keep me in mind.
Every gun owner - experienced or not - would benefit from any course you teach. Thanks again and I'll see you Saturday.
Jeff, Delray Beach, FL

Handgun Introduction July 2010
My wife and I took Will's course on learning to use a gun yesterday. I am a professional group trainer, having educated well over 1,000 restaurant managers in safety and security. I know a professional when I see one. Will is one of the most outstanding group presenters I have encountered. He involved a disparate group of individuals and made us feel as if he were addressing each personally. We never lost interest and were all enthusiastic throughout the 4 and 1/2 hour session.
Howard, Boca Raton, FL

Handgun Introduction July 2010
Will:  I want to thank you for spending time with me yesterday. The class in Delray was great, I look forward to the next time our paths cross. You are a really great instructor.
Ed, Royal Palm Beach, FL

Florida Concealed Carry Course April 2010
Just wanted to say thanks for your expertise and the service you provided with the CWP training my wife Agne and I were in last weekend at Delray Shooting Center.  She left more knowledgeable, more confident, and had a good time to boot.  I don't know if your advanced courses are something we would seriously need, but several look like fun and a great learning experience, given the state of the planet these days.
Darrel H., Boynton Beach, FL

Tactical Carbine / Pistol Course Review - Okeechobee April 2010
    The course was held on the Tactical Range at Okeechobee Shooting Sports. Ages ranged from 20's to 60's and I was relieved to find I was (barely) not the oldest shooter at 58. We started the day with a quick accuracy (zero) check of the carbines then immediately started with drills. After each drill Will would point out what we could do differently/more effectively (i.e. stance changes, grip changes) and we'd usually have another go at it. Accuracy and economy of movement were emphasized - speed was not forced but resulted. Skills included shooting while moving in all directions, engaging multiple targets, transition from rifle to pistol (rifle goes down while moving - get the pistol in the fight), using cover/concealment (plenty of running and shooting), line drills working on safely moving around and coordinating with other shooters, then more basic accuracy drills because we got sloppy with the movement drills. 
    Lots of rounds down range. Lots of fun. Learned a lot! Pull/push grip to reduce recoil, don't forget about the sight offset when shooting from cover (sorry about that tail light ), fighting stance, foot/leg position when moving, how to shoot from cover while least exposing yourself, trigger management/reset, reloads, and more. I can't say enough about Will's approach to teaching! Intense but calm and nonthreatening. Thanks for a great course, Will. Check it out, guys and gals!
Don, Key West FL

Advanced Defensive Handgun Courses Review Feb 2010

I would like to extend my appreciation to Will Farrugia and the Instructors at Florida Firearms Training. I took the series of Advanced Defensive Handgun Courses and I am very satisfied with the training that was provided. The instructors are at the top of their profession, with attention being made to the individual and the group. Safety was the theme throughout all of the courses, and additional instruction was given to shooting on the move, shot placement, shooting from cover and being able to use a strategy to take the fight to the finish. We used various range facilities, and the techniques taught are based on a building block principle. They emphasized technique over speed, and practice, practice, practice. They took the time in all of the courses to provide one on one instruction to ensure the skills you are learning are understood and how they all fit together. I would highly recommend Florida Firearms Training if you are serious about improving your skills well beyond target shooting.

J. Smith (Fort Lauderdale)


Tactical Carbine 1 Review March 2010 

I participated in the Tactical Carbine Course. While not new to shooting a rifle, Handling a Semi Auto Carbine was a new skill I needed to develop. The instructors were very experienced and provided instruction in handling techniques, but also shooting from cover, shooting on the move, and shot placement. Time was taken to develop skills to shoot out to 100 yards, and safety was the underlying theme through out the course. If you want to develop a solid foundation to safely handle a tactical carbine, this course will certainly introduce these skills to you.

J. Smith (Fort Lauderdale)

Advanced Handgun Tactics II Course Review June 09:
I'd like to say thanks for the outstanding instruction I received during my recent Advanced Handgun Tactics II class.  The instruction was concise and clear and the exercises were relevant to real world situations one may encounter.  Most importantly it was fun!  I will definitely be signing up for more classes soon.
Scott C (Lake Worth, FL) 

Handgun Intro Course Review March 09: 
My husband and I were in your class the morning of the 5th. We so much enjoyed your style of teaching. I have been in classes before but nothing compares to your way of, interesting and thorough. A few of our friends say they will call to attend your class. One may call this week... She is dreadfully afraid of guns but wants to learn to be less afraid and become licensed. I told her to share this fear with you. You may also hear from the ******* family later on.  

Advanced Concealed Carry Class Review Jan 09:
From the moment I walked into Will’s Advanced Carry Course I had the feeling this course was going to be different from the all the others. The Instructor oozed with real world experience and was not just another NRA Handgun Instructor. Will has a keen grasp on the subject. This course is not to designed to teach you the finer aspects of target practice but is structured to teach one how to win the fight. After all Concealed Carry is not about target practice, although it is nice to hit what you are aiming at, Concealed Carry is a self defense strategy that is inherently designed to save your life and protect your loved ones in a life and death situation. A fight to save your life can not and must not be a fair fight, you must have the edge to win and Will instructs his students in the techniques required to gain that split second edge that can mean the difference between life and death. You must want to be the one walking away after your weapon is deployed. With Will’s emphasis on real world situations and teaching his techniques to overcome the odds, this course offers the new, inexperienced, handgun owner the opportunity to practice techniques that may save their life. I have always said it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, the same can be said for proper training and practice methods. Perfect Practice Makes Permanent. I plan on taking all the training this man and his associates have to offer.

Scott W (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Just a short note to thank you for all the help and guidance I received from your instructor, Dan, during last week's defensive pistol class. I had a great time and learned so much……I never realized how much more I could achieve with proper direction. Thanks again, I’ll be back…….”no alibis” next time!
Jon (West Palm Beach, Florida)


I took an introductory tactical course with Will and Drew last week, and had a great time. First I have to say when I went to the class I thought I was a great shooter, as I always do really well on the range. Shooting with you made me realize how much there really is to learn, and that punching holes in paper is easy, shooting realistically isn’t. I’ve already signed up for more advanced tactical courses By the way guys loved the “stress fire” drill, but we've got to do two laps next time Drew.

Scott H. (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)


Hi Will, Wanted to let you know how happy I am with the training I received from one of your instructors. Two weeks ago I had 2 hours of private instruction to help my shot placement with my new Glock17. I was having trouble with pulling all of my shots to the left, and as we shot I could see my shot placement improving, more and more. He helped me diagnose and fix the problem, all while having a great time. Thanks again.

Mike  (Boca Raton, Florida)


My wife and I recently attended a tactical course with Will. It was amazing. We had both thought that 4 hours was going to be a bit long, but realized that it wasn’t long enough at all. We have now signed up for the Tac 2 and Tac 3 classes…If we have one complaint it was there was too much information to absorb. Had an amazing time Will!
Howard and Rena  (Coral Springs)


Will, I had a great time in your Advanced Concealed Carry Course with your instructor and am glad I took all those notes. I estimated that he saved me almost $800 (and maybe my life) by showing me how I can easily conceal and use my current gun, without having to buy another smaller one. The class would have been worth it just for that, but with everything else, it was amazing. I am looking forward to taking the Tactical class.
David (Delray Beach, Florida)


Hey guys, I don’t know if you remember us but I came in with my wife and two daughters for your introduction to firearms class, last month. I just wanted to say thanks, it was so informative.  I’ve been shooting for the past 20 years and still learned a thing (or two) but my wife and daughters had always been afraid of guns…..not any more! Great job!   Thanks Again.

Jo (West Palm Beach, Florida)