How We Train

Simply put, “train the way you will fight!” Fighting with a gun is not the same as static paper punching at your local shooting range.  We teach techniques and drills that includes both live fire and defensive tactics. Whether it is fighting with a gun, knife, stick, keys or ballpoint pen, our courses will train you to use the weapon of opportunity to survive close-quarter, life or death altercations. Take the skills you learn and train regularly, practice often, be open to learn at every opportunity. The skills you learn ARE perishable. Remember…..history and statistics prove that as you practice, so shall you perform!

Tactical and Advanced Defensive courses are effectively teaching a person to use firearms or other weapons to defend yourself and possibly others, so this should not be compared with any of the shooting sports. Tactical shooting and sport shooting are NOT the same. Sport shooting is a great training aid for speed sighting and trigger control; it is not a substitute for real training. Our tactical courses cover safe gun handling, loading / reloading, malfunctions, drawing, tactics, and movement in the controlled use of deadly force.

“Honor is an admirable trait, but not in a fight!” -  Will Farrugia, Lead Instructor

Where We Train

We hold classes weekly at Gun World of South Florida in Deerfield Beach, Palm Beach Shooting Center in Lake Worth, Okeechobee Shooting Sports in Okeechobee, and American Police Hall of Fame in Titusville.

Our instructors are also available to come to you (in most cases) if you have a classroom and range facility for us to teach courses. 

We conduct most classes on a regular basis, depending on class size and course requirements.