Custom Instruction

 Group / Team: Call for Pricing
We are flexible enough that we can in many cases offer “training on demand” . If you have a team or group of shooters (big or small) that needs a custom training package, we are happy to deploy an instructor or team of instructors to your location or have your shooters come to one of our facilities for a custom training package. These needs might include help with getting your personnel through qualifications, training with new equipment, training for specific roles or simply a desire for customized private instruction.

Pricing for these types of programs will depend on location, training requirements, number of students and number of instructors needed. Give us a call and we will work something out.

 In-Home Defense Training: Up to 4 Hours / $400 / Up to 5 people
How would you respond to an armed intruder(s) in YOUR home - a home invasion / burglary gone bad? How would you move around you home? Why, where, and when WOULD you move around your home with a gun? How would you travel up / down stairs, halls, room to room, and open spaces with your firearm? These are just some of the things we can teach you. Many people believe that once they have their firearms and know fundamental firearms safety, they are prepared...this is simply not true.

This class is taught ON Location at the student's home or office, by appointment. This course DOES NOT INVOLVE ANY LIVE FIRE. Our instructors will come to your home, teach you how to move around your home in a tactical manner, and work with you and your family to address all your firearms and tactical needs based on your particular environment.

The class is based on all students already possessing the skills to use their chosen firearms safely and effectively. This course is designed to teach the student and family how to respond to a life and death potential theat within the home / office. We will cover security, safety, movement, firearms manipulation, firearm and ammunition selection, safe rooms, communications, post- and pre-fight issues and more.

Ammunition: This course does not include live fire; however air soft weapons will be used to simulate real-life situations. Air soft ammuntion is included in the cost of this course.
All students must be in good physical shape and possess basic firearm knowledge. 
Note: Should you require live-fire training, this can be done AFTER the in-home training at an additional cost of $100/hr with a minimum of two hours on range.

 Individual Private Instruction: $100/hr with two hour minimum
Looking to buy a gun? We can help you decide on an appropriate firearm based on your individual needs and abilities BEFORE you buy.

Already purchased a gun? We can familiarize you with it and teach you the proper maintenance.

Having some accuracy problems? Our instructors will spend some One on One time with you to address any issues.