Advanced Gun Shot Wound Care Course - Next Date TBA 

With the unfortunate increase in violent crime, civilians as well as security personnel are beginning to realize the benefits of knowing basic Combat Casualty Care. Knowing what to do after a shooting or even an explosion can save not only your life but increase the chance of survival for those that are injured. FACT: It takes, in general, 3 minutes or less to bleed out from an arterial bleed caused by a gunshot wound. What can you do about it?

This full day course is designed to bring current life saving techniques to the student via a crawl, walk, run training model that enables those with little or no medical experience to confidently finish training knowing that he or she is equipped to save lives.

This class is taught using all the advantages of experience-based form, as opposed to just sitting in a classroom and listening to a lecture. Students become part of the exercise and are made to LIVE the Simulated Scenarios, Make Decisions and Practically Apply Skills. 

Course Elements:
1.Care Under Fire. 
2. Wound Care In The Field
3.Tactical Evacuation Care 
4. Scenario Based Application Of Skills

In This Course Students Will Be Taught:

The Phases of Care - A standardized approach in caring for a casualty is taught so that the non-medical person can understand and apply life-saving principles.
Correct use of Emergency Med Kit – You will be taught how to correctly use all the contents of your IPOK, IFAK, etc.
Tourniquet – Correct use and application of tourniquets. Control of Major Bleeding – You will be taught the most rapid way to control arterial bleeding - the #1 Leading Preventable Cause of Death from gunshot wounds.
Airway Control - Learn how to protect and control the airway.
Abdominal Trauma - Learn what you able to do to provide care for an injury in the abdominal region. Bandaging - You will learn how to control all types of bleeding.

Cost for this All Day Class is $200 including all materials.
This class is only offered once or twice a year and Space is limited to 12 students, so Book Now!
7 Day Cancellation Policy

Prerequisites: None
Equipment Needs: None. All Materials for the Class will be provided.
FFT recommended Wound Care Kits will be available for purchase after class for those interested.